How to Come Up with Original ESL Essay Topics

Studying English as the second language means even more efforts contributed in academic writing in English. This is why it’s important that ideas and topics for an essay for ESL students is simpler and easier to understand and research.

Generating Essay Topics for ESL Students

  1. Determining the level.
    First of all, it’s necessary to determine the level of English people possess. Some ESL students can freely speak about political matters while others are only able to tell their classmates about their hobbies or families. Advanced levels require more complicated topics that set a challenge and motivate for further studying.
  2. Determining the audience.
    A paper an ESL student writes can be an ordinary assignment meant to be read by their teacher or classmates or a work that participates in a competition or strives for a scholarship, for example. Depending on the audience and the goal of the project, a topic should be chosen.
  3. Determining the subject.
    Beginners should better try their hand at simpler topics like descriptions of certain events from their life, providing information on historic events or biographies of famous people. Advanced students should focus on more complicated goals like argumentation, persuasion, or cause-effect connections.

Having figured all the above mentioned out, it’s possible to start generating interesting and catchy topics. Sometimes, it’s possible to do it with the help of simple brainstorming while in other cases it’s necessary to look through relevant literature, samples of other people’s works, or even resort to topic generators. Although the latter ones provide mostly topics of related works that can be found on the Internet in free access places, they can also give some useful inspiration.

Criteria of a Good Essay Topic for ESL Students

A good topic has several immanent features:

  • It’s interesting and sounds attractive
  • It’s unique
  • It matches the students’ level of speaking English

The uniqueness is very important even though the paper is dedicated to some simple topic. You can check the uniqueness by searching the topic with the help of a search engine. The more similar results you can find the worse. Such a topic should not be used unless there are no other options.
Why is uniqueness that important? Every research that is done in a certain sphere is aimed at discovering something new or, at least, offering a new approach to good old things. A unique topic allows doing it. Besides that, papers dedicated to original and interesting topics have better chances of being used by other people for their own research.
After all, choosing a novel and unusual topic is a challenge compared to writing about the things that have already been researched through and through. Such an experience can be very important for an ESL student of any level.