20 Outrageous World History Essay Topics to Consider

Writing about world history is always interesting, especially if you have a topic that you really like. Find a good topic is an answer to a question “how to start a history essay”. If you know what you would love to research in your paper and if you have enough reference materials, the process of writing will be easy for you.

Several Topic Suggestions for a World History Essay

  1. Salem witch trials and their consequences in the history of the USA.
  2. Facts and myths about Christopher Columbus and his discovery of America.
  3. Bible as a source of historic facts.
  4. The fight of native Indian people against British colonizers.
  5. The competition between Rome and Carthage for the rule in the Mediterranean.
  6. The greatest geographic discoveries and their role in the European and world history.
  7. The place of George Washington in the history of the USA.
  8. The fight of African nations for freedom and independence.
  9. The Arab-Israeli conflict, its causes, flow, and ways to solve.
  10. Heretics in the Middle Ages, in general and in particular.
  11. The golden age of Byzantium.
  12. The birth of absolutism and its peculiarities in western European countries.
  13. The Caucasus in the foreign politics of Iran and Turkey in the 16-18th centuries.
  14. The political crisis in the Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.
  15. Local conflicts in 1950-1990s.
  16. The role of Russia in World War I.
  17. The main tendencies of the economic development in Japan in the 20th century.
  18. The main peculiarities of the Nazi ideology.
  19. The peculiarities of international relationships in the 20th century.
  20. The meaning of being a “citizen” in the antique Europe and modern concepts of citizenship.

How to Choose a Good Topic for Your Essay

You should like it and feel interested in researching it. This is how you will be able to discover facts your readers wouldn’t know, come up with interesting ideas or a novel approach. Besides that, if you are not bored to death by the writing, you will survive the process easily.
If you are into using topic suggestions from the Internet, alternate them in such a way that they sound differently, retaining their essence at the same time. This will help you keep your project unique and outstanding.