Essay Writing: Effective Directions

Writing an essay is difficult for majority of the people. Why? There are many reasons but the foremost is that people tend to work for rewards rather than enjoying what they write. Don’t be scared of writing an essay. It’s nothing but writing a line and explaining is detail why you support it. Have fun while writing and don’t restrict yourself to the facts but be willing to explore more. To make it easier, we have got some expert directions to get you started.

What your essay should be like?

  • Know what you are asked of. Try to find out what the reader is actually looking for and give him that.
  • Start your research and try to gather as much information as you can on the topic.
  • Choose the right kind of format and layout depending on the type of essay.
  • Prepare a draft and pointers on what your essay should contain.
  • Begin with Introduction and Conclusion at the same time to make sure you link them well.
  • Write one liners and explain them in detail later on.
  • Finish it all off by making sure to include everything you wanted to say or believe.
  • Revise, revise and revise as much as needed keeping the targeted audience in mind.
  • Take help from friends or relatives and get them to proofread.
  • Take suggestions and reap them in your essay and finalize the draft.

Break it down

The key to writing a good essay is to break down the content into introduction, body and conclusion. Work on the body first, introduction next and the conclusion comes at last. Also, don’t focus on writing it all at once. Many students start to buy essays online. Just keep writing the points you want in your essay, explain them well and while editing get them in line to make more sense.

Stay away from using these words and phrases

  • You – one might find you in a lot of articles but when it comes to essays, experts suggest you to stay away from using second-person.
  • Some
  • Shortened versions of words like isn’t, he’s, shouldn’t etc.
  • Words like yeah, dude, nailed, guys and so on
  • Do not use photo, phone, and eg., instead use photograph, telephone, and example and so on.
  • First person pronouns like I, me, mine, we, us etc. (Even if you were to, use it in the introduction part like “in my opinion”, “I believe”)

Research first, write next

Don’t take researching for an essay too lightly. It is the most important thing, even important than getting your essay done. Writing a good essay that you believe in is always better than writing one with wrong information. Always research on the topic and decide what makes you want to write on it. Find the element of surprise there and connect with the topic. Be honest and write what you feel instead of what you think your professor wants to read.

Thesis statement

If you have researched enough to know most about the topic, this will be an easy task for you. A thesis statement is a line you favour and is the main idea on which your essay is based on. Use your knowledge and backup the statement to form the body for your essay.

Write as if you are having a conversation

Do not think of an essay as a topic you need to write on but as a conversation that you are having with your friend. This will make your essay smooth.

Take breaks and proofread

Take small breaks in between to re-read, refine and re-write it. Also, once you finish, always proofread your essay to make sure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes.